Denby Halo Brew Coffee Dripper

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Denby Halo Brew Coffee Dripper

The Coffee Dripper is a simple-to-use coffee-making method that brings out the cleanest flavour from your coffee. The cone is 'v' shaped with cleverly designed angles for the perfect brew.  Denby's stoneware coffee dripper is popular amongst professional baristas and coffee connoisseurs as you get a fantastic, clean and repeatable coffee.


The 60° angle of the sides of the dripper allows water to flow through all parts of coffee resulting in the evenly extracted cup of coffee. The large hole at the bottom enables the brewer to adjust the flavour of the coffee according to the speed of water flow. The stoneware coffee dripper also achieves maximum heat retention compared with other ceramic and non-ceramic alternatives. From top to bottom internal ribs support natural flow of water and help deliver a "clean" cup. Designed to be placed on top of a cup, carafe or jug, it can brew up two cups of coffee at a time.


Dishwasher and microwave safe the coffee dripper is easy to use and just requires simple paper coffee filters and ground coffee meaning a mess-free and compostable clean up once you have enjoyed your coffee.

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